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Palo Alto Networks: パロアルトネットワークス次世代ファイアウォール ハンズオンセミナー

Date: 19-Apr-19 to 19-Apr-19
Location: Japan
昨今の標的型攻撃に対しては、多層的防御による入口出口対策が不可欠です。 パロアルトネットワークス社次世代ファイアウォールは、インターネットゲートウェイに設置することで効率的な多層防御が可能となります。 本セミナーでは、パロアルトネットワークス製品を使った具体的な対策をハンズオンを通して学んでいただきます。皆さまのご参加を心よりお待ちしております。 イベント名 パロアルトネットワークス次世代ファイアウォール ハンズオンセミナー 協力イベント 日  時 2019年4月19日(金) 16:00~18:00(15:30受付開始) 場  所 ストーンビートセキュリティ株式会社 東京都千代田区麹町3-1-9 麹町テラス 8F 主  催 NTTアドバンステクノロジ株式会社 協  力 パロアルトネットワークス株式会社、ストーンビートセキュリティ株式会社 詳細・登録 詳細情報・ご登録はこちらから ※ご登録は上記リンクからお願いいたします。またイベントは変更が生じる場合がございます。リンク先の詳細情報をご確認願います。 パロアルトネットワークスセッションのご案内 16:25~17:00 AWSなどクラウドにおけるクラウドセキュリティの実現について パロアルトネットワークス株式会社 技術本部 システムエンジニア 門瀬 幸恵 クラウドでのIAASやPAASは様々な分野で広がりを見せていますが、一方で新たなリスクも生じています。どの部門で誰がどう利用しているのか、正しい設定がされているか、どのようなセキュリティ対策が行われいるのか把握できていない等々。パロアルトネットワークスではAWSなどの主要クラウドで一貫性のあるセキュリティを実現することが可能です。単なるセキュリティでなく、お客様の運用負荷を抑えながら高度なセキュリティ対策実現ソリューションをご案内させていただきます。 -->

DOZ Live Inspirational Conference (DOZ Live)

Date: 20-Apr-19 to 20-Apr-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
This event is centered on the empowerment of women and the bond of fellowship, two key ingredients that every woman needs for success. Eturuvie Erebor the self-growth specialist and ‘comeback kid’ is the host. The speakers are; Dr. Marsie Ross, an international speaker and a pharmacist amongst other great accomplishments. Her mantra is “Healthy is the New Beautiful,” and Marsie implores women to take charge of their happiness as she knows the catastrophic effects being ‘fake happy’ has on our health, career, relationships and everything else. Philicia Baugh Pringle, EdS became a mother at 16 and had to deal with the pressures of raising a child while still being one. After experiencing the cruel, harsh, words of the world, Philicia committed to being herself unapologetically and ...

3rd Annual NASH Summit | April 22-25, 2019 | Boston, MA

Date: 22-Apr-19 to 25-Apr-19
Location: Boston / United States
Be at the forefront of the insights from 60+ leading experts as they share their learnings on: Commercialization challenges, the payers perspective and the investors’ criteria for business in the current and future NASH market The non-invasive diagnostics landscape and regulatory considerations on biomarker adoption for clinical trials Computational methods and artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of drug development Scientific rationale of combinational therapeutics as the necessary treatment strategy for NASH to inform pairing decisions Identification and recruitment of “high risk” patients needed to optimize clinical success and demonstrate sufficient efficacy

Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit

Date: 22-Apr-19 to 25-Apr-19
Location: Atlanta / United States
The Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit is where solutions are formulated, stakeholders from Federal to family convene, and change begins. It is the annual gathering for stakeholders to discuss what’s working in prevention and treatment. Notable speakers in past years have included President Barack Obama in 2016, Congressmen Patrick Kennedy and Newt Gingrich in 2017, and President Bill Clinton and Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway in 2018. Be part of the international discussion on addressing the opioid crisis by attending the 2019 Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit in Atlanta. For 4 days, share strategies with decision makers and allied professionals, embrace innovation, and learn about what is working in prevention, treatment and law enforcement. Save $50 with discount code ...

46th IOP Plasma Physics Conference, Loughborough, UK

Date: 23-Apr-19 to 26-Apr-19
Location: United Kingdom
The annual IOP Plasma Physics Conference covers all aspects of plasma physics, including Magnetic and Inertial confinement fusion, Astrophysical and Space Plasmas, Low Density and Technological/Industrial Plasmas, Low Temperature Plasmas, High Energy Density and Laser Plasmas, Dusty and Complex plasmas, Plasma Surface interactions, Plasma Applications including Medical applications and Plasma Diagnostics. This year, the conference will be collocated with the 3rd UK Pulsed Power Symposium.

Transformational CISO Assembly in Nashville - April 2019

Date: 23-Apr-19 to 24-Apr-19
Location: Nashville / United States
The Millennium Alliance is pleased to announce that application for our National Transformational CISO Assembly is now open! Seats are reserved for the C-Level executives. Thanks to the success of our National Transformational CISO Assembly, With the instances of cyber attacks increasing, businesses of all sizes are working tirelessly to secure their networks, devices, and data. Fortune 500 organizations are especially vulnerable as they have big data pools and thousands of people who need access. CISOs need to plan for worst-case scenarios, stay ahead of latest IT Security transformation technology, and maintain their company’s information assets, all without losing sight of the corporate culture.

Health & Benefits Leadership Conference 2019.

Date: 24-Apr-19 to 26-Apr-19
Location: United States
Human Resource Executive® Health & Benefits Leadership Conference is the place to gain immediate useful solutions and ideas to help you craft a solid benefits program that will attract new employees, retain top talent, improve employee engagement, enhance productivity and more. Sessions are created and delivered by senior executives from leading organizations, both large and small, to give you a high-caliber learning experience with real-world lessons and practical takeaways. Plus, the Conference is home to the nation's most innovative Health & Benefits Expo for employers. The Expo will serve as the central meeting and networking spot for you and your colleagues throughout the conference.

PV India Tech Conference in Delhi - April 2019

Date: 24-Apr-19 to 25-Apr-19
Location: Delhi / India
The India solar eco-system is completely unique within the global industry today. The country not only represents one of the most secure long-term 10GW+ annual markets for deployment of solar panels: it is also fundamentally motivated in creating a high-value, high-quality integrated value-chain for mass production of c-Si wafers, cells and modules. After many stop-starts over the past 10 years, 2019 is finally set to be the year-of-change, with domestic and overseas investments having policy-driven incentives in order to fast-track new GW-scale factories. The realization of India as one of the few multi-GW cell-making powerhouses outside China is not going to be easy, and will need the right decisions to be made by a wide range of interested parties, both within India and global inward-...

CRU World Aluminium Conference 2019

Date: 24-Apr-19 to 26-Apr-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
The premium CRU Aluminium event now in its 24th year, provides concise insight on supply, demand, price, premiums, sustainability and costs for the benefit of a highly-influential audience from the global aluminium industry. The participation of these well-known executives and decision-makers from the primary, secondary, extruded, rolled products, end use, trading and financial sectors, create an environment conducive to networking. CRU's World Aluminium Conference brings together more than 200 delegates across the globe. The conference programme provides concise key topical learning and the CRU market outlook. Plus, allowing dedicated time to build on existing business relationships and to harness new ones, with ample planned networking breaks and receptions. The event will once again ...